Mabel, Small Victorian Boot Necklace with Tie


We painstakingly took apart some black-leathered Victorian boots and put together a little collection from the resulting leather! Each book necklace is One of a Kind. Small and medium necklaces come with a 19″ gunmetal chain; large necklaces come with a 24″ chain.

Meet Mabel, a tiny creature tied up with a spot of black leather.  A testimony of your love for books and things just off the beaten path!

- Reclaimed leather cover
- Hand-torn, hand-stitched, line-free Strathmore drawing paper
- Minimally packaged with a letterpressed tag and envelope
- 19" gunmetal chain 



Inches: 5/8″ tall by 1/2″ wide by 1/4″ spine
Metric: 1.6 cm tall by 1.3 cm wide by 0.64 cm spine
30 sheets (60 pages)