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 A Valentine's Giveaway!

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Peg and Awl Jewel of your own choosing!!



Our chosen recipient of our January Journal Giveaway:

In a time when minimal and simple are so often chanted, these many layered images that tile @thereedsmith Instagram page are so enticing. Thank you so much to everyone for the thoughtful posts and descriptions that accompany them. @pegandawlbuilt and I had fun going through each one. We decided to send the journal to@thereedsmith not only because of this alluring image, but also the explanation. Lost moments are endless and uncoverable, but for some reason we try to capture life as if we will have time (and a listener!) to tell it (to) all over again with such detail.


Journal Giveaway! ...I have kept a journal of some sort for the majority of my life. I do it because I am an obsessive documenter, I don’t like to be idle, I am full of ideas, I love the scratchy-scratchy sound of pen on paper and mostly, because I always want a hiding place close by. 

My journals are on the top of my “if my house was on fire” objects to save list, though this obsession with making them began with a stolen journal (so even when all is lost, something better is generally found). I encourage my boys to keep journals (for thinking, documenting, drawing and best yet! for somewhere to ‘go’ when sitting in a restaurant, waiting for a train &c). Do you keep a journal? Post a photograph of the inside, the outside, the spine, a stain, a sentence, a drawing or whatever you would like to share, follow us@pegandawl and tag#pegandawlgiveaway . We will choose our favourite to send this one of a kind, antique-crimson-sofa-leather covered Jean-Paul Sartre #dearemmett quoted journal to. If you do not keep a journal - tag a friend who does! Winner chosen and announced on this post on Wednesday Jan 13th! New posts only please.








Artists and Scribblers, Hear Hear!

We are choosing our favorite drawing, handwritten quote or musing to engrave upon a handmade journal and desk caddy. Post your best, most-fitting, work on Instagram and tag your photo with @pegandawl and #DearEmmett - we will choose our 2 favorites and send the engraved object to The Chosen!

This is not a giveaway awarded by chance, but deliberate selecting! We are testing the powers of Emmett, our laser engraver, and this is one of our experiments… Submissions accepted now through Monday 14 Dec Midnight EST.

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