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Our Autumn collection is full of Violets, Reds, and Grays, just in time to join an adventure amongst the first changing of the leaves! Their stories evolve as they pivot to new lives in our hands then yours. 

These collections go fast - we will send out an email announcement 3 hours before they are available – you will be able to look through each item in the collection at that time.⁠ Join our newsletter to receive the preview and launch announcements!

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Walter paints a portrait with The Scout Plein Air Box.

Time isn't very orderly these days.
It speeds up and slows down inexplicably.
This was this winter, or years ago.

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This Of a Kind collection took a dramatic colour change and blends in with a lot of the treasures from nature that have been accumulating on my desk! ⁠

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Waxed Canvas Bag and Barefoot Shoes

What happens when two founders meet, each of whom is already breaking new ground with her products, and whose similarities seem to leap to mind even before they've had a chance to talk?

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