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Travel Collection by Peg and Awl

Refreshed, just in time for adventure!

As we near the end of 2018, we find ourselves completely transformed – all styles of all of our bags are now available with vegetable-tanned leather which pairs gloriously with our waxed canvas! Have a look at our Travel Collection which includes the Dopp Case, Daybag, Journey Bag and Weekender, along with our new Reader Bag that has been altogether rearranged!

‘Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.’ —Winnie the Pooh

The Reader

The Reader Bag by Peg and Awl The Large Reader Bag by Peg and Awl
The Reader Bag, a charming little, to tote the necessities.
The Large Reader Bag, a charming bigger, to tote more!

Dopp Case

Dopp Case | Peg and Awl Dopp Case | Peg and Awl


Daybag by Peg and Awl Daybag by Peg and Awl

Journey Bag

Journey Bag by Peg and Awl Journey Bag by Peg and Awl
Peg and Awl Bees

Nature Inspired

We have always been inspired by nature and are so happy to have begun transforming our Philadelphia acre of concrete jungle into green space filled with life! So far we’ve planted veggies and herbs and flowers, and introduced two honey bee hives (and Walter and Silas have fallen in love with Bee Daddying!). Slowly but surely, each little change is brightening up our space and the neighborhood! Neighbors have been stopping by to chat, ask questions, or simply say “hello!”

The Peg and Awl gardens will no doubt influence future products, but until then, find inspiration in some of our nature-inspired classics!

Botanical Jewelry by Peg and Awl


Botanical Jewelry
Bloom Pouches by Peg and Awl Botanical Coptic Journal by Peg and Awl
Bloom Pouches
Botanical Coptic Journal
Botanical Coptic Journal by Peg and Awl Botanical Desk Caddies by Peg and Awl
Botanical Jewelry
Botanical Desk Caddies
Waxed Canvas Tote | Peg and Awl

An Evolution is Upon Us

At Peg and Awl, we love what time does to an object: the natural transformation that occurs as it takes on the marks of the life that it has seen – the satisfaction of breaking something in and allowing it to grow with you. Our newly-evolved Tote and Finch Satchel, durably constructed with waxed canvas and locally sourced vegetable tanned leather, are clean slates eagerly awaiting this metamorphosis.

With the introduction of this collection using newly vegetable tanned leather, we are reaffirming the fellowship between ourselves and the materials with which we make, while simultaneously carving a new facet into the cornerstone of Peg and Awl’s mission. By creating beautiful and useful objects out of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, we strive to change the way that we as individuals make, use, repair and reuse everyday objects. As our new bags leave our Philadelphia workshop and arrive at your doorsteps, what adventures will they see in your hands and how will they transform to become truly yours?

We still have a lot of work to do in our quest of creating a fully traceable source of leather. You can learn more about our progress in that adventure on our blog.

The Finch Satchel in Slate | Peg and Awl Waxed Canvas Tote in Coal | Peg and Awl
The Finch Satchel in Slate
Waxed Canvas Tote in Coal
Waxed Canvas Tote in Moss
The Finch Satchel in Coal
The Large Finch Satchel in Slate | Peg and Awl The Large Waxed Canvas Tote in Truffle | Peg and Awl
The Large Finch Satchel in Slate
The Large Waxed Canvas Tote in Truffle

And Then There Were None…

Our current stock pile of Antique Leather is coming to an end, and due to the scarcity, the remaining Totes and Finches finished with these straps can now be found in our Of a Kind section. So if you’ve had your eye on our antique leather bags, now is the time to scoop one up before they’re gone!

J&FJ Baker & Co Tannery

When we started Peg and Awl we saw heaps of excess around us, abandoned materials – neglected, discarded and forgotten. Wood from derelict houses being tossed in the dump, old leather shoes, jackets, chair seats and military gun slings shoved to the back corners of buildings and warehouses. The stories that lived in these objects were lost and we wanted to bring them back to life, to resurrect their tales and turn the now discarded objects back into everyday useful things that can take on a new story and build onto the rich history of what once was. This mission has lead us down many paths and adventures and now, as some of the abandon materials we use are becoming more scarce, we are beginning to write a new chapter.

As the military gun slings that adorn our bags become harder to find, we begin to explore the possibilities of change. Our hunt for a new leather source has commenced. We know what we want; leather that is traceable and sustainable, a source of hides that comes from farms that really care about their animals and the land that they call home. And a tanner that considers every process holistically as a sustainable ecosystem. We want leather that embodies a story of challenging the problems with the industry and that, like our antique materials, celebrates the marks of pasture raised cows and the timeless process of vegetable tanned hides.

This search led us to England, where we discovered a 500 year old tannery deep in the countryside, and back again to our home state of Pennsylvania to a tannery not quite as old but just as committed to sustainability – one of only 2 such tanneries in the United States! Both the English and American tanneries see the importance of traceability, and of tracking hides that come from organic farms. They have each developed slow, organic, sustainable systems that allow them to send what water they use back into the local streams and rivers – clean. This quest has taken us a few years, but the adventure was worth it! It has brought us to a new place, it has solidified our mission to not accept what comes easy, but to stand our ground as invigorated and conscious makers.

P.S. We will always still be on the lookout for antique leather, but may not always have those bags in stock due to the scarcity!

J&FJ Baker & Co Tannery J&FJ Baker & Co Tannery
J&FJ Baker & Co Tannery J&FJ Baker & Co Tannery
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