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Ben Franklin Notebook

$10.00 - $12.00

The cover of our new notebooks is adorned with two simple questions from the journal of one of our favourite Philadelphia locals, Ben Franklin:

The Question:
What good shall I do this day?

The Question:
What good have I done to-day?

It is so easy to fall into the monotony of life, to follow the routine without really noticing it, to become numb to our surroundings. Margaux often tells the story of when she was at college in farm land country. She and her cousin always said, “We must never not smell the cow manure”.

This desire to be alive, to be attentive, reflective and be aware has fueled our creations here at Peg and Awl and is the inspiration behind new limited hand-stitched notebooks.

These quotes spark the imagination and ignite a desire to act consciously and with intention. We hope you are as inspired as we he have been, and, with these paperbacks, set aside a time to reflect and observe.

- Hand-torn, hand-stitched, line-free Strathmore drawing paper
- 12 sheets; 24 pages
- Minimally packaged with belly band



Inches: 6.25″ tall by 4.75″ wide
Metric: 15.9 cm tall by 12.1 cm wide
12 sheets (24 pages)

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