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Mystery Box: The Giftable Kitchen (9-12 items)

$450.00 $180.00

Mystery Boxes are final sale and not eligible for discounts or returns.

Each of these mystery boxes contains 9-12 of the treasures photographed, most with a more rustic flavour! We have been setting aside objects with more character, missing parts, and engraving blunders. Some have knots, holes, worm trails, and checks – more evidence of the materials’s prior life. Others were prototypes, missing brands, and may have messages to others' loved ones. Though not for the faint-hearted, each set is useful and set at a massive discount. Not bad, eh?

This Mystery Box contains a 9-12 items (not all!) of the following:
- Spice Rack
- Marlowe Lunch Bag
- Apothecary Caddy
- Candleblock
- Wooden Plate and Knife
- Rolling Pin
- Loose Tea/Spice Holder (you can find replacement bottles here!)
- Mortar and Pestle
- Landis Wall Caddy
- Chalk Tablet
- Baguette Board
- Sandwich Plate
- Aldermere Egg Tray
- Tea Box
- Cutting Board
- Cheese Board
- Mess Hall Knife Rack

Perfect for gifting. | Not returnable. | Good for the indecisive (who love Peg and Awl) or for those who just love a good mystery. | Some objects are tagged, some are not. | The photographs show some examples of what you may receive. The boxes are packed and taped up so no special requests can be made.

Customer Photographs

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