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Ada Oak Bowl


Our room of scraps, leftovers not quite ready for the fire or the trash, is overflowing. The time has arrived to use these remains to make something useful once again. We began with our ornaments and rolling pins, and now have used our new found love for the lathe to turn bowls!

Each bowl is laminated and hand turned. These are each being offered as One of a Kinds, as each one is slightly different in size, shape and wood grain and markings. We have dug into the oak, maple and walnut for this first exploration.

A small unbreakable bowl suitable for both a formal gathering and table setting or for snacks around the house! The Oak bowls each have their own distinct markings, and in some cases small darkened holes. (pictured) Not suitable for liquids. Wash and dry immediately.

- Reclaimed Oak
- Hand-turned on our lathe
- Finished with Bartram Wood Balm
- Minimally packaged with a letterpressed tag and jute



Inches: Approximately 2″ tall; 3.75″ diameter
Metric: Approximately 5.1 cm tall; 9.5 cm diameter

Customer Photographs

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