Ellis Rolling Pin

$56.00 - $62.00

Like a well-loved quilt, the rolling pin immediately stirs a home-made warmth within – rousing visions of flour dusted surfaces, heady aromas of yeast in the air and rising dough in the oven. Made of reclaimed Walnut or Maple and available in two sizes, each Ellis Rolling Pin is hand-turned on our lathe making them truly one of a kind. These indispensable kitchen tools are forever ready for hands both young and old to roll and shape whatever lies before them.

Each rolling pin will vary in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use. Treated with Bartram Wood Balm. Hand wash in hot water to clean. Do not let stand in water. Refinish regularly when the rolling pin starts to get dull and look worn.

- Reclaimed Maple (light) or Walnut (dark)
- Finished with Bartram Wood Balm
- 2 sizes available
- Minimally packaged with a letterpressed tag and jute



12″ Rolling Pin:
Inches: 12″ long; 1.5–1.75″ diameter
Metric: 30.5 cm long; 3.8–4.4 cm diameter

16″ Rolling Pin:
Inches: 16″ long; 1.75–2″ diameter
Metric: 40.6 cm long; 4.4–5.1 cm diameter

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