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Foundlings Original Art: James


This is an original work from The Foundlings Collection that has come to life through the layering of hands that make. This a one of a kind piece. It is final sale and is not eligible for coupon code discounts.


Foundlings is a collection that has come to life through the layering of hands that make: those that have caused to exist that which has been made and remade.

One end-of-winter morning, we ventured out into the last grey of the season-leaving, amongst sagging time-worn tables that house trash and magic. Flea markets are often secret repositories of history, and we were about to dive backwards some 200 years, as sparkly creatures, patiently waiting out their decades of idleness, nearly rose up from their tattered box to greet us. Farm animals, imagined animals, flowers, and other wonders of the natural world —painted by children during The Great Depression, fairly pulsed with scintillating energy upon nests of scritchy, scratchy handwritten ledgers, lessons, and language, impeccably penned by their grandparents, or great-grandparents.

Our discovery of these mischievous old fellows has led to yet another transformation. A select few have been carved and cast to retain their child-like style and to celebrate the expressional whimsy of each nurtured creature, others have been selected to adorn walls, desk caddies, and journals. Now, in the 21st century, you bring your story to each piece, thus intertwining yours with theirs. What will future generations add to this great tapestry?

- Original animal artwork



Inches: Approximately 6.5″ wide by 6.25″ tall
Metric: Approximately 16.5 cm wide by 15.9 cm tall

Customer Photographs

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