Tablet Easel

$60.00 - $70.00

The Tablet Easel is simple and wonderfully useful for the kitchen, office, bedroom, &c. The easel transforms from wall mount to desktop base. A peg holds the base in place when in the wall mount and also serves as a pivot point for facing the tablet toward you depending upon your location in the room.

Each easel will vary slightly in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use.

- Reclaimed wood
- Easel and mounting base
- Finished with tung oil
- Includes hardware for hanging
- Available in natural or ebonized finish
- Minimally packaged with tag and jute



Wall Mount:
Inches: 8″ long by 1″ wide by 2″ tall
Metric: 20.3 cm long by 2.5 cm wide by 5.1 cm tall

Tablet Base:
Inches: 5.75″ long by 5″ wide by 0.75″ thick
Metric: 14.7 cm long by 12.7 cm wide by 2 cm thick