Emmett, our laser engraving machine and in-house scribe, allows you to add your own story to many of our objects.

Choose one of our customization options – either a name or a quote (though you may add whatever text you desire to these areas as long as it within our character limits). The diagrams below show the placement and size of the text depending on your customization selection. Please include your text to be engraved in the cart notes. Be sure to double-check your wording, spelling and punctuation for errors before submitting your order. Customized objects are not returnable. We use the Garamond font for our engravings.

Plain and Talls

$30.00 - $40.00

Ah, a pile of Merry Mishaps is always a treat!

It is the time for cleaning, making space, freshening up the shoppe and clearing out the misfits - those that do not quite fit within the boundaries of our standard work. 

These Merry Mishaps are simple boards with knots and nuggets and varying sizes and shapes. Some have rails and some do not. Great for cutting and serving, and each one of a kind!

Each board will vary in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use. They have been treated with Bartram Wood Balm. Hand wash in hot water to clean. Do not let stand in water. Refinish regularly when the board starts to get dull and look worn.

- Reclaimed wood
- Available in Maple
- Finished with Bartram Wood Balm


MEASUREMENTS: (Apprixiately)

Inches: 12″ long by 5″ wide by 1″ thick

Inches: 15″ long by 5″ wide by 1″ thick

Inches: 18″ long by 5″ wide by 3/4″ thick