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Medical Candleblock: No. 5, Cobblestone Heart


This simple reclaimed wood candleblock is made from floor joists that once belonged to 1800s Philadelphia area houses. It is finished with decoupage extracted from old and dusty books whose beginning and end now coincide with that of the houses.

Each candleblock will vary in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use.

- Medical illustration from a medical text from the late 1800s
- Reclaimed Pine
- Finished with tung oil
- Sealed with a matte finish
- 1 hand poured pure beeswax candle*
- Minimally packaged with tag and jute


*Beeswax candles from the Chicago Honey Co-op


Inches: 2″ long by 2″ wide by 2″ tall
Metric: 5.1 cm long by 5.1 cm wide by 5.1 cm tall

Customer Photographs

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