Merry Mishap Moon Phases Ring

$140.00 $84.00

These sterling silver rings are a glimpse of the original steps in the making of our Poesy Collection. They are identical to the final rings minus the engravings on the inside of the band and the heavy oxidization. Oxidization can be easily added – please see our FAQs for a how-to.

These are heavily discounted, but otherwise the same excellent quality of our full priced jewelry. They are shipped in a muslin bag without the print and polishing cloth. These rings are extremely limited – if you love it, don’t hesitate! Merry Mishaps are not returnable.

Inspired by the night sky, continuous and unfaltering, ever-inspiring and mystifying.

‘Poesy’ or ‘posy’ rings received their name from the French word ‘poésy’ meaning ‘poetry,’ indicative of the poetic mottos with which they were engraved. They became popular in the 16th century through the 18th century as lovers’ gifts and wedding bands, but were also frequently given as a sign of friendship or loyalty.

- Recycled sterling silver
- Cast from hand-carved wax
- Packaged in a muslin bag


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Inches: 1/4″ wide by 1/16″ thick
Metric: 6.4 mm wide by 1.6 mm thick