Mystery Box No. 2

$193.00 $95.00

Our workshoppe contains piles of things pushed aside. These piles gurgle and expand and reach toward us, the makers that feed their appetites. 

Vintage zippers, gathered and awaiting their purpose, palettes waiting for the day they will again be useful. Materials piled up to be used later. And boxes. Boxes of discarded objects – objects that we cut and drilled and oiled and loved like the rest, but didn’t quite make the cut. This last group – the abandoned – have called out to us, and we listened. 

We will be compiling these lonely souls into boxes – Mystery Boxes (of some order) – and offering them to you at a dreamy price.

Our second round of Mystery Boxes, perfect for the kitchen, contain:

- 1 Medium Baguette Board
- 1 Chalk Pad
- 1 Chalk Pad Stand
- 1 or 2 decoupage botanical or vegetable candle blocks with candles
- 1 or 2 Bake House Bags

Keep in mind that these goodies are not perfect. Some show evidence of the wood’s prior life, some have holes and knots, and heavy bug trails, random gouges and they may be dark or light. Some of the decoupage may be originals, cut directly from an antique book, others were cut from our catalog when we simplified our decoupage offerings. The chalk pads each have a slight crack in the surface. The Bake House bags have errant pencil marks, or marks from a tag stitched in the wrong place then moved. Everything that we include in the box, however, is useful. The unusable we use for firewood.

We have only 12 of these boxes so if you are enticed, be quick about it! 

Perfect for gifting. | Not returnable. | Good for the indecisive (who love Peg and Awl) or for those who just love a good mystery. | Some objects are tagged, some are not. | The photographs show some examples of what you may receive. | Each box contains a minimum value of $193 and maximum value of $202.