Mystery Box No. 4: The Baubler

$95.00 $50.00

This mystery box contains a Tabletop Caddy/Chalk Tablet duo of a more rustic flavour! We have been setting aside objects with more character, knots, holes and markings – more evidence of the wood’s prior life. Though not for the faint-hearted, each set is useful and complete and about 35% of off the regular price. Not bad, eh?

These Tabletop Caddies are good for the little bits and bobs that otherwise get lost in our standard caddies. Fill them with erasers, pencil sharpeners, cups for paints or water or brushes. Or if you’d prefer to use them in your kitchen, the holes also fit Weck jars (not included) so can be used on the table with chutneys and jams &c!

This Mystery Box contains:
- 1 Tabletop Caddy
- 1 Chalk Tablet and Stand

Perfect for gifting. | Not returnable. | Good for the indecisive (who love Peg and Awl) or for those who just love a good mystery. | Some objects are tagged, some are not. | The photographs show some examples of what you may receive.