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Norma Organ Pipe Knife Rack


When I first moved to Philadelphia, I visited a church bought by a local Philadelphia photographer. As always, I was enthusiastic about the olde things left behind – particularly the massive pipe organ! I barely knew anyone in the building, but the organ beckoned. I climbed inside and up, up! What a majestic view from the top of that dusty beast!

Flash-forward a few years, Peg and Awl is up and running and we are given the opportunity to buy some small organ pipes from another Philadelphia organ. Walter immediately saw what they were to become: a way to store our knives in our new kitchen.

And now, with our move to a new building in the works, we are cleaning out around the shoppe and found some stray pipes! We have transformed them all into knife racks and now offer the remaining few in our Of a Kind section.

This knife rack is one of a kind – you will receive the exact knife rack in the photographs.

- Reclaimed wood
- Rare earth magnets
- Holds 5 knives
- Finished with tung oil
- Minimally packaged with tag and jute



Inches: 12.25″ long by 3.75″ tall by 0.875″ thick
Metric: 31.1 cm long by 9.5 cm tall by 2.2 cm thick

Customer Photographs

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