Rust + Indigo Bloom Pouches


Rust + Indigo Collection.

We wrangled a few yards of this amazing rusty coloured waxed canvas and made a few of our favourite Peg and Awl bags! The zipper tabs are made of antique indigo and white fabric that perfectly compliments the rust. There are two zipper colours available, Clay and Dirt. (select from drop-down menu.) Scoop 'em up before they are gone!

We sifted through our field of vintage zippers in the warehouse and extracted two styles of zippers to pair with the limited run for the Rust + Indigo Collection. 

It has a wide gusset which allows the pouch to sit open for easy access. As with all of our bags, the more this is used, the more broken in and cozy it will get.

Constructed waxed canvas originated in the sailing industry in Scotland in the 1920s and became widely used in sportswear and apparel because of its waterproofing abilities and superb durability.

Quantities are limited. 

- Limited run of rust colored waxed canvas locally sourced
- Vintage zipper
- Paired with antique indigo and white vintage upholstery fabric
- Leather brand from antique WWII gunsling
- Brass rivets



Inches: 8.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall; 2.25″ gusset
Metric: 21.6 cm wide by 8.9 cm tall; 5.7 cm gusset