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Sukkot Cutting Board


Our Sukkot Cutting Boards bear the weight of traditions past and those yet to come. We have made four of these boards, each a single solid piece of Ambrosia Maple. They are larger than our largest board and thicker as well – strong enough to withstand cleavers and chef’s knives.

As we transform our materials into new objects, we often find bits and slabs that possess a certain level of character and story of past life that cause an object to stand out from the rest.

These objects become our One of a Kinds or Some of a Kinds – and they are just that. Once sold, there will not be another. 

- Reclaimed Maple
- Finished with Bartram Wood Balm



Inches: 18.125″ long by 9.75″ wide by 1.125″ thick
Metric: 46 cm long by 25 cm wide by 2.5 cm thick; 3 cm long handle to handle

Customer Photographs

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