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Our finishes are natural and carefully selected for both our health as well the beautiful finish they create. Tung oil is an all-natural drying oil made by pressing the seeds of Chinese Tung trees. The nectar of these seeds coats our wood products in organic armor. We paint our objects with Real Milk Paint, an organic, milk-based paint that contains no lead, no mercury, and no VOCs. So safe that we allow Søren and Silas to participate in the painting. We ebonize (or iron-stain) our ebonizable wood (not all woods react to this natural process) with iron oxide which responds to the natural tannins in the wood to create a beautiful black finish. This results in a black that goes deeper then the surface of the wood (as does a stain), creating a durable, natural finish that enhances the patterns within the wood. Read more →
All of our metals are recycled and come from objects that had an entirely different history from coins to spoons to long disconnected ancestor’s relics like candelabras or jewellery. We use only sterling silver and 14K gold. Our bronze is an alloy that we have matched closely to the colour of gold. Read more →
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