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General Peg and Awl

  • What is Peg and Awl?
    We are a husband and wife with a boy called Søren and a boy called Silas. We live and work in Philadelphia, Penna. Our work is made from olde things, treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect, relics of the unusual, the confused and the macabre, cut and pulled and built into wearable curiosities, inscribable keepsakes and useable, long-lasting treasures. We used to make them for ourselves and now we make them for everyone.
  • Do you guarantee your products?
    We guarantee our products to be free of defects in the materials or craftsmanship. We will be happy to replace any defective products. Wear from normal usage is not included in this guarantee. We believe firmly in creating enduring products whose lifespan can be lengthened by repair. Many of the materials in our products have already seen at least one lifetime of use, and have accumulated stories which are now proudly displayed in the blemishes on our objects. Each further tear, crack, and dent accumulated throughout each object’s new life – and the patches applied thereto – are further stories to proudly display. To contact us about repairs, please email us at


  • When will my order arrive?
    We ship 3 days a week, Wednesday through Friday, from Philadelphia, Penna. We do our best to maintain an inventory of each object. However, we hand-make all of our products in our Philadelphia workshoppe. If your product is not in stock when you order, it may take up to 10 days to ship – we have to make it! Orders shipped to the contiguous U.S. typically take 2 days to a week arrive.
  • Can I expedite my order?
    If you would like to expedite your order please contact us at before placing your order. Since our products are made by hand, we would need to verify that we have your item in stock in order to ensure it will arrive in time.
  • My order tracking says it has been delivered but it’s not here!
    If your order says it has been delivered but it is not there, contact the shipping provider you chose at checkout. You can also check with neighbors in case the package was delivered to the wrong house. Packages usually do not stay lost, and these problems are often easily resolved.
  • Why is your international shipping so high?
    We offer the lowest priced International shipping options available to us. Be sure to check out our Stockists page to see if one of our international stockists is local to you, or can ship to you for less.


  • What materials do you use in your bags?
    We use 15 oz. waxed duck canvas (19 oz. with wax) for most of our bags. Waxed canvas originated in the sailing industry in Scotland in the 1920s and became widely used in sportswear and apparel because of its waterproofing abilities and superb durability.
  • What leather do you use on your bags?
    Our straps and brands are made from vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Can I get a longer strap or extra holes in my strap?
    You can order a longer strap by adding this item to your order. If you would like additional holes in your strap, please include the number and placement in your order notes.
  • Can I order my bag a little bigger or smaller?
    Making size alterations to bags is a very complicated process and we do not offer this service.
  • Why does my bag with antique leather smell a bit odd?
    When people visit us at the craft shows we attend, we frequently hear how good our booth smells. From Bartram Balm to leather, we use natural cleaning and finishing processes that draw people in. While we think the subtle smell of antique leather and waxed canvas our bags have is quite pleasant, we’ve come to realize it’s not for everybody, much like what we’ve coined “The Cilantro Effect” (check out this NPR story on this polarizing herb). The smell does lessen over time if you’re up for the wait. However, we only accept returns for unused bags, so if smell is too strong, we would be happy to accept it back. Please see our Exchanges and Returns page for more information.
  • Will my bag fit my computer / tablet / &c.?
    The dimensions of all of our bags are listed at the bottom of each bag’s page.
  • How do I clean my bag?
    Waxed canvas, like leather, does not require cleaning and should not be machine washed, machine dried, or dry cleaned. If necessary, spot-clean your waxed canvas with cold water using a sponge or gentle brush. Store in a dry place to prevent mold and mildew. Waxed canvas will better with age, but may need to be re-waxed in time. We recommend using Martexin Wax.
  • Where are your bags with reclaimed leather?
    Our current stockpile of antique leather is coming to an end, and due to the scarcity, the remaining bags finished with reclaimed straps are becoming Some of a Kinds. We are always on the lookout for more reclaimed leather, and we will continue to create small runs of bags as we unearth. Check the Of a Kind section to see what bags with reclaimed leather we may have in stock, and sign up for our email newsletter to be notified as soon as we launch any new small runs!

Home and Garden

  • Why does my Peg and Awl object have a hole/mark/dark spot/&c.?
    Our materials have character, and that’s what we enjoy about working and creating with them. From the tight grain of olde-growth trees to bug holes, hurricane joints, and knots, the antique and salvaged materials we use often lend the unique marks of their past life to each object. These markings do not affect the usability. For more information on our materials, please visit our Process page.
  • How do I refresh my cutting board?
    Our Cutting Boards and other kitchen objects (Ellis Rolling Pin, Sandwich Plates, &c.) come finished with Bartram Wood Balm, a natural balm that restores and preserves wood. You can purchase more here to refinish the board and any other wooden kitchen objects such as spoons, butcher blocks, &c. when they start to look dull and worn.
  • How do I clean the surface of my Chalk Tablet?
    Wipe the chalk surface with a damp cloth. If the surface begins to look worn over time, clean with vinegar. Wipe clean with water and dry.


  • What art materials can I use in Peg and Awl journals and sketchbooks?
    The Strathmore drawing paper we use for our journals and sketchbooks can be used with many different art supplies, including colored pencils, watercolors, water soulable pastels, and oil pastels. See our Experimenting with Art Supplies in Journals and Sketchbooks video on our blog to see various art materials in use on our journal paper.


  • How do I find my ring size?
    The best way to find your ring size is to go to a physical jewelry store and get measured. You can also use this guide here. We will resize rings for free once (buyer is responsible for return shipping to our workshoppe). Any additional re-sizings can be done for a small fee. Please contact us at for resizing information.
  • Can you make a ring bigger or smaller than you offer on your website?
    Botanical, Wolf and Stars, and Till Death Us Do Part rings can be resized beyond the ring sizes offered. All others cannot.
  • My bronze jewelry turned my skin green!
    Many people experience a greening effect when they wear bronze, brass or copper jewelry. Our recycled bronze rings are treated and sealed to lessen tarnishing and skin discoloration, but eventually the treatment will wear off. The simplest way to re-seal is to use clear nail polish.
  • Can I get a longer chain for my necklace?
    All the necklaces in our All the Names collection, as well as our book necklaces can be ordered with a custom-sized chain. Unfortunately we do not offer longer chains for the necklaces in our Botanical collection. Please contact us at to request a different-sized chain.
  • Can you make me a custom piece of jewelry or a custom jewelry engraving?
    We are not able to change any of the designs on our jewelry or make custom jewelry.