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 Went to the fleas yesterday with Angela ( ) and her Joel and new little Rowan and of course, Søren and Silas. Though the heat was barely endurable, I made it out of there with a stash of wonderful fabric - some dating back to the 1800s that is quite lovely and inspiring me to come up with something special...



They say the Cobbler's children go unshod, and so it goes and has always gone. In this  house, the Cabinet Maker's family is certainly daily amidst unfinished home projects (including un-get-to-able books in boxes for the better part of a year awaiting a library...) Here Peg and Awl wins. BUT there has always been one thing that when without leaves me miserable. So this Bookbinder's family is ALWAYS with journals. And for a supremely happy birthday for me, I built myself a new journal and covered it with a vintage black jacket and some antique leather spats (with buttons) that we found in a Paris Flea Market a few years back. (AND Walter took us to Williamsburg VA this past weekend)

Happiness abounds.

Peg and Awl + Art in the Age at Paxton Gate August 31, 2012 in San Francisco, CA!

a mystery, for now...

 It has been nearly two years since our last adventure at Art in the Age (marked, nearly, by the birth of Silas!) 

Join us this Friday 4 May for the launch of Edible Backyards with art, Philadelphia gardening history and some new Peg and Awl objects!

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