Stacked Book Necklace

$94.00 - $130.00

This stack of three books, impaled by wire, are able to rotate for a more scattered stacked book appearance.

This necklace is made to order and may take up to a week before delivery. Due to the variation in the colors of the top material, each book will look differently than pictured but will come from the same piece of leather.

- Reclaimed leather covers
- Hand-torn, hand-stitched, line-free Strathmore drawing paper
- 4 color options available
- 2 chain sizes available
- 2 chain metal options available
- Minimally packaged with tag and envelope
- 30 sheets (60 pages)



Inches: Approximately 1.125″ tall by 0.625″ wide by 0.5″ deep
Metric: Approximately 2.9 cm tall by 1.6 cm wide by 1.3 cm deep

Inches: Approximately 5/8″ tall by 1/2″ wide by 1/4″ spine
Metric: Approximately 1.6 cm tall by 1.3 cm wide by 0.6 cm spine

Customer Photographs

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