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Edgeworth Alternative Sketchbook


Our alternative sketchbooks have been a favourite. These vintage tins are 100 years old and have varying degrees of rust and marks of past lives. Each tin comes with 100 sheets of Strathmore drawing paper in celebration of the upcoming 100 Day Project, which begins on February 22.

Two of the tins are short and hold 80 sheets — the extras will be enclosed in a wax envelope.

We don’t have many of these tins and we are always looking for more, but in the meantime – grab your favourite tin, cut your favourite paper, and voilà! Watch our short video on cutting your own paper.

- Vintage Edgeworth Tin
- 80 sheets of Strathmore drawing paper
- Packaged in a muslin bag



Inches: 3.25″ long by 2.25″ wide
Metric: 8.3 cm long by 5.7 cm wide

Inches: 3.125″ long by 2.125″ wide
Metric: 7.9 cm long by 5.4 cm wide

Customer Photographs

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