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A Rural Pen Handmade Ink


This ink was handmade by alchemist Thos. Little of A Rural Pen. The ink goes on as a pale, smoky, cool grey, and quickly oxidizes into a darker colour; the shade varies depending on the paper used.

I was so enamored with the ink, and when I learned that I couldn’t purchase a bottle directly, I decided to order some for all of us! The ink is made using a historic formula of extracting and dissolving the iron from guns with Sumac, instead of Galls.

This ink is for dip pens only – it cannot be used in fountain pens.

Note: The ink is hand bottled, labeled, and waxed. Some bottles may have a little leakage through the wax. When you use the ink, it will also get on the label so please accept this possibility, as we do not consider it a defect.

These ink bottles are not eligible for discount codes or returns.

- Corked gun ink bottle
- Sumac Tannins bonded with iron

Customer Photographs

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