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The Franklin Maker’s Apron

$174.00 - $215.00

The Franklin Maker’s Apron champions the virtues of hard work, curiosity, ingenuity, and industriousness, and has quickly become one of our favorite companions while working in the studio or at home. Its durable canvas armor protects against dirt, paint, liquids and debris, and with multiple waist and chest pockets it provides ample storage so tools are secure and conveniently accessible. The Franklin is available is two sizes, and its suspender-style vegetable tanned leather straps and belt have multiple settings to comfortably fit a variety of statures. Once on, The Franklin Maker’s Apron becomes a part of you, bringing the perfect mix of order, utility, and aesthetics to the creative chaos of a maker’s daily routine!

- 10 oz. waxed canvas (14 oz. with wax) or 14.7 oz. unwaxed duck canvas
- Sustainable black or brown leather strap
- Brass button studs and rivets
- 6 color options for waxed canvas / 3 color options for duck canvas
- Top pockets: 1 large and 1 pen-sized
- Bottom pockets: 2 large, 1 small, and 2 pen-sized


Small fits 26–36″ (66–91 cm) waists and 5′–5′10″ (152–178 cm) heights
Large fits 30–40″ (76–102 cm) waists and 5′8″–6′2″ (173–188 cm) heights

Custom Monogramming

Emmett, our laser engraving machine and in-house scribe, allows you to personalize our aprons!

The monogram is laser-engraved on vegetable-tanned leather and attached with brass rivets (see the product photographs for an example). Note that the monogram does not replace the Peg and Awl brand. Be sure to include your wished-for letters in the order notes (up to 3) when placing your order! MONOGRAMMED APRONS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.

See a video here for how to adjust the straps on the apron.



Approximately 1 lb. 2 oz.


Inches: 32.75″ tall by 24″ wide; 10.25″ wide at the top
Metric: 82.6 cm tall by 61 cm wide; 26 cm wide at the top

Shoulder Straps:
Inches: 34.5″ long by 1″ wide
Metric: 87.6 cm long by 2.5 cm wide
Inches: 42.5″ long by 1″ wide
Metric: 108 cm long by 2.5 cm wide

Inches: 16″ long by 1″ wide
Metric: 40.6 cm long by 2.5 cm wide
Inches: 24″ long by 1″ wide
Metric: 61 cm long by 2.5 cm wide

Top Large Pocket (×1):
Inches: 4.75″ wide by 4.75–5.25″ tall
Metric: 12.1 cm wide by 12.1–13.3 cm tall

Top Pen Pocket (×1):
Inches: 1″ wide by 4.75–5.25″ tall
Metric: 2.5 cm wide by 12.1–13.3 cm tall

Bottom Large Pockets (×2):
Inches: 7″ wide by 7″ tall
Metric: 17.8 cm wide by 17.8 cm tall

Bottom Small Pocket (×1):
Inches: 2.75″ wide by 5.25–7″ tall
Metric: 7 cm wide by 13.3–17.8 cm tall

Bottom Pen Pockets (×2):
Inches: 1.25″ wide by 1 @ 7″ tall and 1 @ 5.25″ tall
Metric: 3.2 cm wide by 1 @ 17.8 cm tall and 1 @ 13.3 cm tall

Customer Photographs

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