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International Dial Co. Alternative Sketchbook


Our alternative sketchbooks have been a favourite. I couldn’t resist this colour and the mini size. Tuck it in your Sendak and come what may! The smallness makes painting ever-accessible, and the shape makes a good painting feel complete!

We don’t have many of these tins and we are always looking for more, but in the meantime – grab your favourite tin, cut your favourite paper, and voilà! Watch our short video on cutting your own paper.

- Vintage International Dial Co. Tin
- 100 watercolor paper sheets (Fabriano 90 lb hot press)
- Packaged in a muslin bag



Inches: 1.5″ wide by 1.5″ long by 0.375″ tall
Metric: 3.8 cm wid by 3.8 cm long by 1 cm tall

Customer Photographs

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