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11 Postcards: Smudge


Smudge Postcards set of 11. Printed in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Learn More



Smudge Postcards set of 11

SMUDGE volumes 1 - 6 non-dominant hand journals 2021-2023

I started a new journal that I call Smudge. In it, I use my left, non-dominant, hand. It is a journal where drawings dominate the pages and words accompany them. It was meant to last for 100 days, but then, I generally don’t mind a Thing’s End – for then another begins. This is not the case with my left-handed project. I must find a way to continue. I feel no drudgery here on day 88. In the end, I made six volumes containing nearly six-hundred drawings over the course of two years. The left hand is connected to the same body as my right, but I am hard on this familiar creature. The left hand requires a kind of nurturing and patience that I do not give most things. I am delighted and uncritical of the pages, as if they are each a gift to me, from this Other who is also my self.


6.25″ by 4.25″


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