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Carson Hand-Bound Leather Tome (Green)

$410.00 - $490.00

The Tome is our most capacious journal, one that will hold your stories, musings, sketches, and whatever other magic comes your way, as they have for me over the last 16 years!

I’ve spent a good part of my life binding Tomes and filling them. I am sure my right arm is stronger for all of the writing and stitching and hauling of pages in journals for so many years of my life. So many paths we’ve traveled together, me and my books. I wonder how many miles of words I’ve written if they were strung end to end? I won’t do the math, but there are a lot of years of making books and a lot of years of scribbling in them between now and when I made my first journal. I was always stitching a book or filling one up.

Each of our Tomes has hand-stitched headbands on the top and bottom and raised chords on the spine. Inside you will find line-free Strathmore drawing paper – thick, hand-torn, acid-free pages that work wonderfully with ink, pens (smooth and scritchy-scratchy), pencils, watercolours, and a myriad of other mediums. The pages are hand-stitched with linen binder’s thread, and shaped and re-enforced with linen book binding chord and tarlatan. Our Tomes are meant to be carried daily and can take a beating. They are strong creatures, ready to accompany all aspiring treasure hunters, adventure seekers, documenters, and storytellers.

- Local Pennsylvania sourced Vegetable Tanned Leather
- Antique fabric lining varies from journal to journal
- Hand-torn, hand-stitched, line-free Strathmore drawing paper (80 lb. [130 g/m²])
- Minimally packaged with brown paper and jute



Inches: 7.375″ tall by 5″ wide by 1.5″ thick
Metric: 18.7 cm tall by 12.7 cm wide by 3.8 cm thick
150 sheets (300 pages)

Inches: 9.4375″ tall by 6.625″ wide by 2″ thick
Metric: 24 cm tall by 16.8 cm wide by 5.1 cm thick
190 sheets (380 pages)

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