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Medicine Ring

$80.00 - $96.00

We have resurrected this ring from our old Black Spot days!

The Black Spot Books came before Peg and Awl – it was a world of books and jewelry and art. I found this old ring, featuring a Heart and Skull, and mysterious other bits, and made more.

The Medicine Ring represents harmony and connections within a community. It is a well-wishing of good health to oneself and to others.

- Recycled Sterling Silver or Bronze
- Packaged in a muslin bag


Find your ring size.

Recycled bronze is treated and sealed to prevent tarnishing and skin discolouration.


Inches: Approximately 1/2″ tall by 5/8″ wide
Metric: Approximately 12.7 mm tall by 15.9 mm wide

Customer Photographs

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