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Rodale’s Organic Life – Summer Issue

Rodale’s Organic Life wrote a story about Peg and Awl and the story we tell!
Click the image above to read the whole story!


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I love Peg and Awl after encountering you on seller

I’m impressed by how your Google ads have been on point

I’ve since recommended you to someone two hours away in Pennsylvania

I have a query, I encountered the name of one of your suppliers (I think) which had something to do with the word ‘theives’ (which I thought was evocative – could you help me by telling me what their full name is and providing a link to their site?

I just finished reading your story in my copy of Rodale’s (I’d not heard of Peg & Awl before now) and I was so inspired by how you created and built your company purely by chance – by manufacturing something you needed in your own lives, and realizing others share your same desires and making your creations available to the world. This is something I have always dreamed of doing. I’ve just been trying to figure out what it is I can create that others would want. :) (Also, I love love LOVE the boots Margaux is wearing in the photos – are you guys making boots now? And the shirts the boys are wearing are adorable, too!)
Thank you for inspiring me today – I will have to add you to my gratitude jar. :)