Peg and Awl

Get ready for your summer adventures!

We love spending our days outdoors. Whether we are exploring the ocean, hiking through the woods, or sketching in the park, we are sure to have our Peg and Awl bags close at hand. Handmade by our small team of skilled craftspeople in our workshop in Philadelphia, each bag is constructed with durable waxed canvas and sustainably-sourced vegetable tanned leather. They are perfect for toting all your summer adventure essentials. So load ’em up and go exploring!

The Seaside Tote by Peg and Awl The Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl
The Seaside Tote
The Sendak Artist Roll
Waxed Canvas Tote by Peg and Awl The Finch Satchel by Peg and Awl
Waxed Canvas Tote
The Finch Satchel
Weekender by Peg and Awl Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing by Peg and Awl
Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing
Sendak Mini Artist Roll by Peg and Awl

Our Sendak Artist Rolls:
Classic vs. Mini

For most of my life I’ve carried things to keep me occupied – often in the form of books. They offered entertainment when I was stuck in a line or arrived somewhere early – which I always did. I was pleased to be lost in a story or scribbling in a journal – unaware of the wait.

When the idea for The Sendak took hold, I was excited at the thought of bringing more organized ‘things to do’ on outings.

After a year of Sendak making and many requests, we decided to make a Sendak Mini! Since then, we’ve been cutting and stitching both Sendaks all day long. I am often asked which is my favourite...

The Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl The Sendak Mini Artist Roll by Peg and Awl
The Classic

If you are a colour lover who always has to add just one more to the take pile, the classic Sendak is the one for you! Plus you can fit sketchbooks, watercolour sets and more. The classic Sendak can carry either a light load or heavy haul!

The Mini

If you are a minimalist who likes to keep your life simple and organized, I’d suggest the mini. The pens slots are slightly wider, and can fit fountain pens, as well as your old standbys. And it rolls as well as it folds!


As for me, I have one of each ;)

In the Wild

We’ve been delighted to see everyone sharing their Sendaks in the wild and are psyched to share some of the amazing artists + makers who have put theirs to good use!

Don’t forget to #pegandawl so we can share yours!

Peg and Awl Mini Sendak photographed by Andrea Durfee Peg and Awl Sendak Mini photographed by Greenleaf & Blueberry
Mini Sendak by Andrea Durfee
Sendak Mini by Greenleaf & Blueberry
Peg and Awl Classic Sendak photographed by papermademedoit Peg and Awl Mini Sendak photographed by Catharine Mi-Sook
Classic Sendak by papermademedoit
Mini Sendak by Catharine Mi-Sook
Peg and Awl Mini Sendak photographed by Art Suitcase Peg and Awl Classic Sendak photographed by Kyle Hilton
Mini Sendak by Art Suitcase
Classic Sendak by Kyle Hilton

I wandered out to treasure hunt Memorial Day morning before the heat became too oppressive. The breeze was blowy and the clouds were bright and the gruff unvoice of Tom Waits spilled out of the speakers and mixed with the wind like days of old. I found some delightful treats (despite the wreckage of the market I so long ago frequented) including some old tins, antique pencils, and these glorious little Japanese scarves from the 1920s made from previously used textiles—some of which are rumoured to be old(er) diapers! (I purchased these from a woman from whom I have bought many a-treasure from over the years!) I absolutely adore these and may have to keep one as a scarf for myself.

I am looking forward to transforming them into something else and filling up our Of A Kind Section!

We are psyched to be included in this month’s Where Women Create magazine which features a story about Margaux and Peg and Awl! Pick up your copy on the Where Women Create website.

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