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By Stephanie Smith-Strickland

Where trade shows are concerned, we all have our weaknesses. My personal weakness is anything handcrafted, wooden, cat-proof and made for the home. This led me to Peg and Awl, whose booth I stumbled upon at Liberty Fairs trade show, while I was still half-sleepingly calibrating myself to the endless parade of menswear and dandy suiting around me.

Conceived by a Philadelphia-based husband and wife team, Peg and Awl salvages abandoned materials, and with a touch of whimsy, transforms them into precious wearables and home objects. As a company dedicated to craftsmanship, the items it designs are for the most part made the old fashioned way, by hand.

Aside from artisanal leanings, perhaps the most unique thing about the brand is the stories attached to each product. For instance, the team offers an assortment of waxed canvas bags, many of which have vintage zippers and handles made from reclaimed World War II era gun slings. Having inquired how one sources WWII gun slings, I can say it’s no easy feat; yet it is these small touches that make the product special.

For those of us who have an affinity for woodworks rather than leather goods, there are many options in this category, too. Here, the collection runs the gamut from reclaimed oak tub caddys which promise to induce the “skin pruning” candle-lighting kind of relaxation of bath time dreams, to chalk tablets crafted from reclaimed wood dating back to the 1800s. For the desktop, Peg and Awl caters to lovers of classic literature with a clever Poe-inspired collection of small wooden storage options featuring antique decoupage of 1800s medical skull drawings, and of course, a raven.


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