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Philadelphia Weekly

Thank you to Philadelphia Weekly for including us in their Shop Local Review and to our friends at Meadowsweet Mercantile for being a great local shop. 


Sick of schlubbing to work carrying last night’s dinner in a cheap plastic bag? Why not get a hold of something that’s infinitely fashionable and reusable, like The Marlowe lunch bag by Peg and Awl? It’s made from durable waxed canvas and comes in an array of muted hues: coal, tumbleweed, slate, truffle, moss and spice. The pocket on the side’s just the right size for a love note or words of encouragement on a tough day—whatever the moment calls for. And, if you really want to keep it classy, there’s even a lunch palette and knife available to pair with it.

Who it’s for: Fashion-forward office workers who appreciate both style and sentiment.

Where to get it: Get them—and their larger, handle-sporting carry-all version—at Meadowsweet Mercantile, 47 N. Second St. 215.756.4802.


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