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Instagram Contest Giveaway ~ January 2016

Journal Giveaway! ...I have kept a journal of some sort for the majority of my life. I do it because I am an obsessive documenter, I don’t like to be idle, I am full of ideas, I love the scratchy-scratchy sound of pen on paper and mostly, because I always want a hiding place close by. 

My journals are on the top of my “if my house was on fire” objects to save list, though this obsession with making them began with a stolen journal (so even when all is lost, something better is generally found). I encourage my boys to keep journals (for thinking, documenting, drawing and best yet! for somewhere to ‘go’ when sitting in a restaurant, waiting for a train &c). Do you keep a journal? Post a photograph of the inside, the outside, the spine, a stain, a sentence, a drawing or whatever you would like to share, follow us@pegandawl and tag#pegandawlgiveaway . We will choose our favourite to send this one of a kind, antique-crimson-sofa-leather covered Jean-Paul Sartre #dearemmett quoted journal to. If you do not keep a journal - tag a friend who does! Winner chosen and announced on this post on Wednesday Jan 13th! New posts only please.


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I love to keep a journal! I never thought about it being a place to’go,’ but you are so right! It is a lovely place to voice your opinions!