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Press: In Her Studio Magazine Features Peg and Awl

It was such a treat to be featured in and on the cover of In Her Studio magazine! 

In Her Studio Summer 2022 Edition


Ever an Other, as it goes.

“From up here on the hill, it is easy to imagine I am somewhere other. I can travel backward and forward in time. I am not in suburbia. I am watching the barn being built – no, rebuilt – 200 years later. I am watching myself and my family, in the warm glow in the barn windows at night, pouring our experiences onto a page, a canvas. Another, other. Up here, I can clip and mow and sweat, and when I do, thoughts sprout and wither in abundance. I mowed some down as I removed the unwanted barberry, wisteria, and multiflora rose. I’ve hauled some away with bottles and dolls’ heads and plastic flower arrangements still tied in polyester strips from the ’50s and ’60s that have reigned for much too long in this woodland. But up here, my shoulders and my back have stretched and strengthened, and I’ve built towers of words and collected piles of ideas and have squirreled them away somewhere. The moving does me good. Up here, in our tiny wilderness, both I and the land are transformed. The place where I gather inspiration is just as important as the place where I sit down and turn the gatherings into something other.” 

Curious, and always with my rump toward the sky, I gather colour, and other treasures from the earth and transform it into gritty and delicious watercolour paints! 

I always love finding antique treasures for my art supplies in my studio. 

A view from the woodland, also, my favourite family portrait in the creek – though we are in need of a new one. Søren now stands above Walter and me!
This was my studio briefly. We are currenly in the process of transforming it into a showroom/gallery space! Read about our Barn Renovation process, here!


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