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Specimen Cards + Homeschooling (Free Printable)

The world is bursting with magic, and for anyone looking, it positively pulses. As a family of life-long learners, we felt compelled to share a few of our favourite activities in one compact notebook of removable cards (coming soon!). We are now in our 4th year of officially homeschooling our boys, which means full time of the stuff we did around the edges of their ‘normal’ education at public school.

We love the unknown and the ‘around the edges’ stuff like family bike rides, traveling, and art all day, and have always found places like Kahn Academy and Skillshare, to be grounding companions. With so many students of the world currently homeschooling, or hodge-podge schooling via Zoom and Flipgrid (like we are!), we have decided (thanks Silas!) to unearth this Peg and Awl project have turned it into a free downloadable PDF: Specimen Cards! 

Whether embarking on a backyard exploration, a community science project, travelling near or far, or identifying mysterious objects around your house, these cards encourage observation, drawing, writing, and a touch of research. However you use them, we hope they inspire you to always keep an eye out for the little things!

Download the Printable PDF

Specimen Cards by Peg and Awl
Silas drawing daffodils on a portable desk made by Søren!
Silas shows me his mushroom specimen!
Sampling of the coming soon Specimen Card notebook.
Collection of Specimen Cards by Silas!
Designing the Specimen Card book – including Silas's original drawings!
Closeup of updated Specimen Card, nearly finalized!


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Thank you for the lovely pdf gift! I teach and I’m going to ask students to incorporate these into notebooks this year!

Living in Colorado, I am an avid hiker who loves to pause and sketch. I cannot wait to use these on a hike alpine walk this summer. The templates are beautiful!

Love these! Made some from your templates then made my own. Thank you!!

absolutely wonderful – i will be printing these out. the first almost month of being home was bound in fear, i live in a dense state with many people affected. throughout, nature was always – is always the balm. i am now trying to bloom through the fire. to find ways to serve others, but to nurture at the same time. it is a time for great discovery – and for peeling away. as always – you are appreciated.

How wonderful! Thank you! I have endless lists too but life keeps interfering.

Thank you for sharing these lovely cards. I envision these to be a fun project for my granddaughter and I once we are out of social distancing.

I love these specimen cards! I envision dragon clouds and hedgehog pine cones on them, along with dragon flies and geckos. Thanks for sharing.

Love these – I admired them on your IG feed and now here they are – thank you so so much !!!! : )
We live in the high desert of Arizona and have so much wild life to record – these cards will be perfect : ) Thank you Silas & Soren (& Margaux & Walter too : )
Blessings, Sandra : )