We’re psyched to see 2018 Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell loving his Sendak!

Check out Matt’s work here!

Sendak in the Wild | Peg and Awl –

An Unexpected Centerpiece

For most of my life I’ve carried things to keep me occupied – often in the form of books. They offered entertainment when stuck in a line or having arrived somewhere early – which I always did. I was pleased to be lost in a story or scribbling in a journal – unaware of the wait.

So, when the idea for The Sendak took hold, I was excited at the thought of bringing more organized ‘things to do’ on outings. And we’ve discovered, whilst perfect for the solo artist, The Sendak also turns out to be a sensational family centerpiece! For us it’s been fun way to engage with hungry boys during The Waiting at a restaurant, a lifesaver on long car rides, and ever-exciting to unfold and repack for each excursion.

The more often we open our Sendak, the less often we get caught ‘Blue-facing’ – our family name for phone and tablet excess. Our hands criss-cross as we reach for coloured pencils, pens, erasers, and our minds ignite – pass your paper to the right, a round of exquisite corpse anyone?

Whether your Sendak brings your own family together or accompanies you on solo en plein air excursions we know one thing: People dig ’em, ’cause we’ve been sending them out as quickly as we can make them!

The Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl All Black Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl
The Sendak Artist Roll
All Black Sendak Artist Roll

We’ve been delighted to see everyone sharing their Sendaks in the wild and are psyched to share some of the amazing artists + makers who have put theirs to good use!

Read more to see wonderful photographs of our Sendak In the Wild!

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Artist and author Rebecca Green was featured in a Facebook Live video on The New York Times’ Books page promoting her new book How To Make Friends With A Ghost. She brought and displayed her custom Sendak Artist Roll we made specially for her! Check out the full Facebook Live video here!

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