Bake House: No. 4 Baguette


We scoured our city’s best cafes for the most useful shapes in paper bags. This baguette bag is perfect for those who regularly fetch baguettes from the local bakery or farmers’ market, or for those bread makers who find the gifting of fresh baked bread irresistible!

One from our collection of seven useful canvas bags intended to replace everyday common and disposable paper goods. A trip into the old-country proves, by today’s standards, thoroughly modern. To be sure, it was quite sensible to have along your sacks for the produce market and boulangerie as well as one for the frock shops!

- Locally sourced 100% cotton canvas
- Washable



Inches: 3.75″ wide by 2.25″ deep by 19″ tall
Metric: 9.5 cm wide by 5.7 cm deep by 48.3 cm tall

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