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The Eden Bed Frame

$3,500.00 - $4,000.00

Our Eden Bed Frame is designed for those who love a good night’s sleep. It is available in three sizes to fit King, Queen, or Full mattresses. With 5 parts and 12-13 Maple bed slates, each piece fits together like an easy-to-solve puzzle and is fastened together with heavy duty bed bolts (included). This bed frame was made to endure!

Our wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified wood was harvested from forests that are responsibly managed by environmentally conscious companies. It may bear marks of character such as grain variation and knots. These are details that we celebrate as they make each piece truly one of a kind.

- Made from solid FSC-certified domestic hardwood
- Choice of White Oak or Walnut
- Finished with two coats of hand-rubbed natural tung oil and citrus solvent
- Requires two people to assemble
- Assembly tools required: hammer (not included) and a bed bolt wrench (included)
- Assembly time: 10 minutes
- Assembly instructions included (instruction video here)
- Made-to-order: please allow 8–10 weeks for production


The Steinbeck Furniture Collection

Apprenticed to my father at a young age, the lessons learned from cabinetry and joinery informed many of the designs for the Steinbeck Furniture Collection. With simple lines and balanced proportions, each piece allows the locally and sustainably harvested American hardwood to shine. Form and function do not compete, yet through the minimalist design and time-tested craftsmanship that harkens back to the furniture makers of the Arts and Crafts Movement, each piece speaks with one tongue to the honesty and harmony of the sourcing of materials, the makers making, and the settling in to their new homes. Read more of the story on our blog.



Overall Dimensions: Full
Inches: 78″ long by 57.5″ wide by 48″ tall
Metric: 198.1 cm long by 146.1 cm wide by 121.9 cm tall


Overall Dimensions: Queen
Inches: 83″ long by 63.5″ wide by 54″ tall
Metric: 210.8 cm long by 161.3 cm wide by 137.2 cm tall


Overall Dimensions: King
Inches: 83″ long by 79.5″ wide by 54″ tall
Metric: 210.8 cm long by 201.9 cm wide by 137.2 cm tall


Floor to the Bottom of the Mattress
Inches: 15.625″
Metric: 39.7 cm


Under-Bed Clearance
Inches: 11″
Metric: 27.9 cm



1× back legs and headboard piece
1× front legs piece
2× side support pieces
1× center support piece
12–13× slat pieces (depending on bed size)
4× bed bolts
1× bed bolt wrench

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