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2021 Gift Guide to some of my favourite (mostly) small business treasures!

Here are some of my favourite little and big things. I am often overwhelmed by stuff I have, stuff I want, the general problem of stuff. But I was reminded the other day how important our small businesses are – to the economy, to those around us, to the people we work with and the materials we use – this all has value that is sometimes hard to see. This got me to really appreciating some of the little treasures around me –

Above: Our very best everyday present is our Pearl! We got her from Providence Animal Center last December and not a day goes by where don’t express our gratitude in our silly voices and normal voices, for being paired with the very best doggo in the world!

Come winter and my skin is begging for balm! This Lavender Salve from Warwick Furnace Farm is a cozy treat. Have a look at their IG to see how they transform the world around them with lavender magic!
It may be a bit early to talk about Dahlia tubers, but I am excited because I’ve just dug mine up! I got them from Golly Bard who has a lot of lovely treats all year ’round including her gorgeous art and wallpaper!

I am a bit of a Kombucha fiend. Since we stopped making our own I’ve been scooping up Tribucha’s Rosemary and Sage by the box whenever I can find it! Looking forward to trying their new Berries and Chamomile potion!
Breath was a quick, eye-opening, and calming listen about the unraveling of human breathing! Be sure to pick up this tape at the same time. (Bonus: The taped mouth will lead to mysterious new dreams!)

Pearl LOVES Whisker Biscuit Cookies and Chicken Jerky! All delights are made by hand with healthy ingredients in Pennsylvania. I was getting their treats as gifts long before I imagined we’d ever be... dog people!
Lala Earth concoctions are always in our apothecary cabinet and in my pockets. The Homestead Balm is my favourite - and the face lotions are absolutely refreshing for my dry winter face. Plus, all of the scents are absolutely earthy and intoxicating!

I treated myself to a pile of these cushy + cozy socks from Imogene and Willie - made by Little River Sock Mill in Alabama.
The Five Acre Wood is a LOT to keep up with, but this coming year we will have extra hands! My favourite place for seeds and education is Fruition Seeds in the Finger Lakes of New York! There is so much to learn!

I’ve been dreaming of these Sennelier Oil Pastels for a few years now. Perhaps now that we will be able to spread out, Santi will drop them (carefully) down our chiminey!
Learn how to bind sketchbooks and journals for gifts with our bookbinding tutorials! I love making these little coverless books and always have an extra in my bag with a specific project within…


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Ooh which sennelier oil pastels did you get? I love those!

Oooo, the Sennelier oil pastels are so nice. Is there such a thing as a practical splurge? Then they are it! Jackson’s Art Supply often has sales on them and offer a wide-range of Sennelier items. They are so lovely! Enjoy!

You have my head spinning with all these wonderful things! I’m going to read Breath. Fascinating. I’m curious about how you use pastels in your art practice, and the different ways you use the two formulas. Thank you for the inspiration! My Peg and Awl collection is steadily increasing and I treasure each item.