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Come Visit Our Barn Shop!

Come Visit Our Shop!
Come say hey and pick up a treasure if you are in the area. Email us to make an appointment.

Morning Light!
Cozy Corner and Our Bags!

Vignettes of our Actual Messies!

Walter Hanging Photographs
Silas Setting Up Track Lighting

Walter’s Original Oil Paintings

Scout Pochade Box
Handmade Ink!

Our Bookbinding Kits

Vintage Pencils and Dip Pens!
Bioplastic Pans from Poems About You that fit our palettes!

Of a Kind Book Necklaces Along with Our Classics.

Everywhere, Astonishments!

Søren, Silas, and I went to Philosophical Hall in Philadelphia with Katie to hear Catherine McNeur talk about her new book Mischievous Creatures. The title was enough to draw back to the city – and my homeschoolers are up for most adventures. Catherine, Margaretta, and Elizabeth’s stories were full of magic and wonder, local history and mischievous creatures! The erasure of these two women scientists came undone through Catherine's excavation, as one unexpected finding after another revealed their story.

Mischievous Creatures by Catherine McNeur on my desk!
Catherine’s Desk Caddy from Peg and Awl, which she’s had for a decade(!), on her desk.



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