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Star Wars and Hallowe'en

Such a wonderful weekend - beginning with Silas's schools Fall Festival (and the realization of what a great neighborhood we are part of), and then this family of skeletons went trick-or-treating. That very strange, very enjoyable night wherein neighbors feel good about sharing crappy candy with each smiling child, and welcomes their gentle "trick-or-treats" and "thank yous". To-day has been calm, damp and chilly, and possibly because we have remained inside this cold-holding olde house. 

Silas is upstairs watching Star Wars (the kids at his school having been living their own interpretation for the last few weeks, intimidating the uninitiated, like my Silas, so we promised him and Søren the works.) It was also the perfect place to sit him, for earlier, he walked into the knife's edge of the antique door-locking mechanism on his bedroom door, resulting in a triangular gash in his forehead which just let out so much blood. And the hole - not the blood - weakened me a bit, giving me that too familiar sensation of tingling knees when one of my boys is even in the slightest bit o' danger. Which may relate somehow to ASMR - the other side of the tingling realm, resulting in a calming sensation, which Søren's drawing is bringing to me now. (This, likely, what made Bob Ross famous, as opposed to his method of painting happy trees and clouds.) Søren, more bored with the story of Star Wars, has been sitting across from me as I finish a batch of jewellery, drawing each of the characters from the film he has barely been watching. His memory regularly amazes me. 

Prior to Søren's joining me, I had discovered the podast "Ben Franklin's World" and have been devouring it. I cannot, cannot wait to get back to it!



Two boys whooped from candy-getting. 


Søren's Drawings...


and finally, sleep... 


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