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A New Season for Discoveries – The 100 Day Project is Upon Us!

waxed canvas sendak artist roll with paintbrushes and other art supplies

The 100 Day Project begins on February 22, This Year (2023)!


“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”
–Tanzanian Proverb


“I trusted its unknowing...”
–Ada Limón in conversation with Krista Tippett
​(On Being Podcast episode: ‘To Be Made Whole’)


I love the excitement of a new beginning – of whittling down endless possibilities and choosing one project that I will embark on for one hundred days. I love knowing that not every day will produce a masterpiece, but by the end, the collection of days will add up to more than where I began. I know that I will be transported. I know that I will slip out of a comfort zone and that I will know more about a subject that I am curious about than I did at the start.

One year I was drawing the variety of plants within a mile or two of my home. Another year, I drew one character and explored the space around her. For the last two years, I’ve been enjoying the smudgy otherness of my left hand. This somehow has given me a new confidence, as if that hand is not me, but a being I am nurturing – a not-myself.

I start somewhere simple – a walk in the woods or making a meal with a new-to-me vegetable – starting with something doable puts me on a path. I make time and space for it – it needn’t be a lot of time, or a lot of space, though it could be. One year I started my drawings on small pieces of paper that I cut to fit inside of an old tin. This led to a daily walk, an abundance of tiny flower paintings, and to our Alternative Sketchbooks!

The repetition becomes meditation, the process is wondrous. By the end, I may find something revelatory.

This year, though I am still undecided, I am leaning toward a new medium.

Where will you begin?

dip pen and brush on desk with handmade wooden brush holder

The Projects are Endless!

How to Spend these 100 Days?

handmade clay mug, ink holder, paint pans, and plates
Handmade Paper Sketchbook on desk with paintbrushes, ink, and water
100 Days of Clay
100 Days of Any-Handed Sketching
handmade ink from foraged plants – purple, green, and yellow
paper cut log cabin with wood pile and chimney
100 Days of Making Ink from Foraged Plants
100 Days of Paper Cut Buildings
This is Søren’s cabin!

handmade leather journal with filled journal pages

letter writing for the 100 day project
ink drawing of our puppy pearl walking next to me
100 Days of Letter Writing
A Letter from Katie!
100 Days of Your Sweetest
Our Darling Pearly
handmade writing ink by a rural pen specimen card notebook for exploring and homeschool projects
I limit my materials...
The framework can be broad or specific...

stack of handmade paper sketchbooks on desk with mortar and pestle

Start Small and Document!
Shop Our Studio Collection 

Venture Outside
The Scout Plein Air Box
Stay Home
The Sendak Artist Roll
handmade botanical decoupage wooden desk caddy
handmade waxed canvas crossbody bag with leather strap
Start Organized
Medium Botanical Desk Caddy
Let Things Find You
The Hunter Satchel
Pack Light
The Keeper Pouch
Keep Everything in Sight
Beatrix Artist Caddy

The 100 Day Project in a Sketchbook!

Bookbinding Tutorial: Planning a Journal for the 100 Day Project

“You can be in a place for years and years and not see somehing, and then when it dawns, all sorts of nuggets of richness start popping up all over the place. You’ve gotten below the obvious.”
–Andrew Wyeth


handmade sketchbook on desk with writing and drawing supplies

Some #100DayProjects that I love!

drawings of three fat cats marching in red, yellow, and orange by yoshiko hada
hand drawn portrait of person laying on couch by ella beech
@yoshiko_hada @ellamorella

Everywhere, Astonishments!
Some Good Things

We are changing Some Good Things to Everywhere Astonishments, (also the title of a picture book I’ve been working on). I find astonishments daily, and am thrilled to have a place to share some of them.

hand drawn shells, set of three, by margaux kent

art exhibit by lydia ricci of couch atop pencil and pretzel scraps
art exhibit by rebecca szeto of well-worn paint brushes transformed into elegantly painted portraits
By Lydia Ricci
By Rebecca Szeto

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