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A New Year with New Adventures (2023)

Walking next to Mantis trailer with puppy

Our Start of Year Travels

How New Years come around so quickly, these new years. 2022 was another weirdo, and we look forward to new and very different adventures, and too, very same adventures in 2023.

“If you like to write or draw or dance or sing, do it because it’s so great: as long as we’re playing around like that, we don’t feel lonely, and our hearts warm up.”
–from The Woman Who Killed the Fish by Clarice Lispector 

Drawing in Peg and Awl Handmade Bookbinding Kit
drawing in handmade leather journal
Søren drawing in his Anselm Sketchbook.
Walter drawing in his Standard-Sized Harper Journal.

This morning I awoke in Florida, but I didn’t just arrive here and wake up and wonder, “where am I?” and discover, “oh, Florida!” No, we’ve been driving for days because cars are on roads with limits and not in the sky making endless paths, swarming around like insects or birds. On a road that should take us from Point A to Point B in 4 hours, took 8 or 12. But we’ve been listening to Tom Hanks read The Dutch House by Ann Patchett – time is suspended and none of us are disgruntled, but we stop the car and stretch and walk and that helps time confuse us all the more.

This morning I crawled out of our camper and into the damp and still dark of Florida. In the morning darkness, which is lighter than nighttime darkness, I spied Spanish Moss above, dripping excess moisture onto me, and welcoming me to this new, strange place. What better way to go into the new year than this? My family sleeping a few feet away, new plants’ hellos. “Hello plants!” I am grateful for this exploration, and for this world of weirdness that is the same, but different, always, and always.

an open messenger bag with clothes, handmade pouch, and leather journal
our mantis trailer and picnic table in our campsite
Autumn Colors: The Keeper Pouch
One of our campsites!
Wooden Serving Tray for my on-the-go studio, with journal and books
Hiking in Florida with Family and Puppy
The Watson Serving Tray
Myakka River State Park

My Finch Satchel filled with art supplies!
Handmade sketchbook with drawing of person hiking
Fort Clinch, Florida
6” Anselm Bookbinding Kit
Art supplies inside sendak mini artist roll in the almond color

The Sendak Mini Artist Roll
brown waxed canvas pouch filled with art supplies and antique tin
Art Supplies and organization tools for traveling
The Maker Pouch
Our On-the-Go Collection

O’Leno State Park, Florida
journal page filled with writing
Søren wearing a small hunter satchel while walking in the forest
Hand-Bound Leather Tome
Autumn Colors: The Small Hunter Satchel


Last Chance Classics!

There is a lot leaving our shop, we know! In an attempt to alleviate the confusion, we've marked listings with Last Chance. Whilst some of the options are sold out, our drop down menus show what still have in stock and ready to ship!

The Marlowe Lunchbag
Apothecary Caddy
Desk Caddy with Quote
Large Waxed Canvas Tote


Reminder: Some Colors are Leaving

We still have some almond bags in stock and ready to ship, along with the two other discontinued colours, Radish and Rook!

The Small Hunter Satchel 
The Rogue Backpack
The Gatherer Bag 
The Reader


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