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Art Supplies from other Makers, and our Storefront!

Views of the Store Front!

August marks a full year for Peg and Awl in the barn at the Five Acre Wood in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and we just had our third studio tour. Each one sees wild change as the space evolves, but I hope settling in doesn’t stop that!

This year Walter showed his “Crossing the North Sea” paintings, which we will share in detail soon. Søren showed parts of many projects he’s been working on this past year, he debuted stickers which will be available for sale through his IG. Silas shared some pen and ink portraits and opened up commissions — his first will be a parrot named Loki! And I shared Shimmera, work from my poetry project, in side an old Post Office Station.

In addition to all of this, Peg and Awl treasures were fully stocked, and we shared some new experiments in colour. And we brought in some of our favourite art supplies from makers around the world. We will be expanding on these offerings, though most will be available for in-store purchase, we will be offering some online as we can!

Beam Paints were much loved during the tour as visitors got to play with all of the colours at our Risko Table from Art Graf! We will be bringing more of their colours in, including their new mineral palette, some new — not-yet-launched colours — and we will be working on some long-dreamed of collaborations!
I’ve been using Noodler’s Ink for years – Catfish Black – but have been intimidated by the options! We ordered a variety of inks and I was lost in the swatching. I’ll share more on this in the future as well.
A Rural Pen Ink, ever a favourite. Restocked in our storefront and our online shop!
After reading Breath by James Nester I took up chewing gum again! I do not like chewing plastic (most gums – even those found in my favourite local makets – are made of a plastic gum base.) When I found Refresh last winter whilst visiting New England, I found my gum! I found an old Necco Wafer store display at a Flea Market and couldn’t resist filling it with Refresh.

Ever a Flea-Marketer, I’ve been gathering vintage and antique art supplies and am working our ways to share the treasures both online and in our shop. [Below]

Vintage Pens! We have a variety in our store front and will share them on our website from time to time with our of a kinds. Sign up for our newsletter for the announcement!
Vintage Pencils
I have been loving Art Graf for years, and was thrilled to meet Jose and Patrice in New Orleans in April! We brought in a lot of their goodies including a Risko desk — the new demo area in the shop!
Photograph by Emma of Skippy Cotton loving the Graphite Powder
Penco tape dispensers are perfect for washi tape and are in use at our work stations and available in the shop!


A corner in progress!
Søren doodling with Noodlers!
A close-up of the community art project, the result of art supply testing!
Our old general store filled with new Peg and Awl treasures!
Walters well-worn Scout and some new colour adventures! Pine and Wineberry (maybe, or help us name!)
My Marigold Finch. Marigold, our most recent small batch colour!


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