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Experimenting with Art Supplies in Handmade Journals and Sketchbooks

We receive a lot of questions about the things we make - one of the most common is what art supplies can be used in our Journals and Sketchbooks! We decided to make a little video to respond to this question and share some of my favorite supplies.

In this video, I am using our Orra Portrait Sketchbook (which fits nicely into our Sendak!). ⁠We use Strathmore Drawing Paper in all of our journals and sketchbooks, which we find to be very versatile.⁠

Here are some of my favourite drawing and painting supplies to make marks with... ⁠

1. Koh-I-Noor Pencils
2. Pentel Mechanical Pencil⁠
3. Sennelier Oil Pastels⁠
4. Sennelier Water Soluble Pastels⁠
5. Prismacolor Coloured Pencils
6. Handmade Watercolors 
7. Caran d'Ache Neocolour⁠
8. Vintage Dip Pen⁠ (on
9. Vintage Rapidograph Pen⁠ (on
10. Noodler's Ink
11. Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Our Orra Sketchbooks!

Our Orra Sketchbooks are thin handbound books that are ideal companions for small projects and daily excursions. They are named for Orra White Hitchcock, a 19th century botanical, geologic, and zoological artist, an illustrator to whom no detail was too small to be recorded in her art. These versatile sketchbooks are made from high quality Strathmore drawing paper, Legion cover stock, and handstitched with linen.

Sampling some of my favourite Art Supplies in our Orra Portrait Notebook.
My Tilda Painter’s Palette made from leather and wood, filled with handmade watercolours from pigments I found!
Sketching in my Landscape Orra Notebook!
Our Orras come in three colours — grey, white, and black — and are stitched with green thread!
The Portrait Orra fits into the back pockets of the Classic Sendak.
Our Orra Notebooks come in 3 sizes — Landscape, Portrait, and Large Portrait.
Our Orra Landscape Notebook fits in the Mini and Classic Sendaks (as do our paint palettes)!


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I love ❤️ everything about the originality of Peg and Awl…loved the demonstration of the journal…sketchbook…the music so right for and creative mind!
I think the artist toll for everything one might need on the go…I bought the small one however I must have the large one…I am off to Iceland in the near future…Peg and Awl will be with me…thank you

Love this video and the music!!