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Gimme that Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing!

Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing by Peg and Awl

“Push me up to the trees, but not into the clouds!”

Spring is finally here and as we look out of our kitchen window we see our happy city boys, country-like, on our Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing, spinning, piling-up, climbing and sometimes even swinging!

We love looking at simple useful objects from the past for the stories they contain and the stories and life they can give. Our Tree Swing is exactly that, and a perfect example of an object we used to make for ourselves and now we make for everyone!

We have sent our swings across the world where they hang in backyards, grandparents’ homes, porches, offices, living rooms, and historic parks like Bartram’s Garden. They’ve made beautiful props for weddings and all kinds of photoshoots. With our Tree Swings, we have been able to share the joy that we saw in our boys’ eyes when we made the first 8 years ago!

Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing by Peg and Awl Tree Swing for One by Peg and Awl
Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing
Tree Swing for One


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