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Last Chance for these Peg and Awl Classics!

“The facts are sonorous but between the facts there’s a whispering. It’s the whispering that astounds me...”
–Clarice Lispector from The Hour of the Star

Since the start of our business, we’ve been making objects that change as we change – fast, slow, it is difficult to say. Perspective is mysterious!

As we reflect on the objects we make and have made, we feel ready for change yet again, ready to make space for new objects reflective of our new experiences and environments.

We’ve decided to discontinue a handful of our classics – some of which have been with us from the beginning! These treasures are limited to the quantities currently on our website and ready to ship. If there is anything you’ve been wanting, now is the time to scoop it up!

View our Last Chance treasures, here.

As always, if you have any questions, send us an email at


Bags for All Occasions

Click here for to view all last chance treasures.

The Gatherer Bag

The Weekender
The Large Finch Satchel
The Large Waxed Canvas Tote
The Dopp Case
The Reader

The Little Rogue Backpack


Home and Kitchen Collection

Click here for to view all last chance treasures.

Olde-Fashioned Tree Swing
Step Stool

The Bathroom Collection


Studio and Decoupage

Click here for to view all last chance treasures.

The Studio Collection

Chalk Pad
Large Desk Caddy with Quote
Apothecary Caddy
Decoupage Collection


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