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My Winter Studio – Left-Handed Drawings

Cozy home art studio or office with tea and puppy

In A Warm Winter

We haven’t had much winter yet. There are random days when I am outside in a tank top raking old piles of previously ungardened debris as if Autumn is here to stay. Except, beneath the piles I’ve found thousands of eager green bits who tell me otherwise. The most enthusiastic of them are clumps of Snowdrops and Daffodils so abundant that I long for warmer rainy days so I can move them out of paths and thin them out so they can breathe – so they can take up even more space*.

Now that the mornings are a smidge brighter, I can see the fog that hangs in our little valley in the wee hours, and it lifts my fog-loving spirits. Being awake when the world seems mostly asleep is a gift I receive nearly daily.

Grey crossbody bag packed with camera and writing supplies
Man holding grey gender-neutral waxed canvas tote
Small Batch: The Hunter Satchel in Fog
Small Batch: The Waxed Canvas Tote in Fog

On My Desk

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I am often overwhelmed by the stuff around me. I cannot keep it down. I cannot tame it. I want it all to leave but then I go to a flea market and things call out, and there I go, arms outstretched like a somnambulist. But then I play, and things happen. And they aren’t all good but that doesn’t matter. It is the moving, the shuffling, the brightening and widening of spirits and thoughts and ideas that matters.

I shall not be tamed, and neither, I suspect, shall my stuff.

Mornings are for writing and drawing. And getting inky, inevitably. I love these journals! You can make them with our tutorials as your guide (here) or with our Anselm Bookbinding Kits (here).

Hard-cover journal Hand-Bound with green vegetable-tanned Leather
Brush Rest Trio made from Antique American Chestnut.
Small Carson Tome for morning pages and all manner of thinking on paper.
non dominant hand drawing exercise for daily journaling
non dominant hand drawing in homemade notebook
“What keeps me up at night is wondering where I planted the Iris Cristatas. Where?”
More drawings @beingmargauxkent
“In the sun, 40 degrees feels summery. I removed my winter layers and embarked on the unplanting project at the 5 acre wood. Under piles of dead things, living things thrive! Thousands of daffodils anxious for springs’ arrival!”
waxed canvas roll up pencil case with essential writing and drawing supplies
Desk organization tools for home studio
Sendak Mini Artist Roll in Almond


Projects In the Works

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Solvitur Ambulando Jewelry by peg and awl
Solvitur Ambulando Jewelry
We will be joining the County Studio Tour in May!


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