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Returning to Home and Studio After a Summerful of Adventures!

Settling in at Home, after a Summer Full of Adventures!

We’ve returned home from a summer of endless on-the-going to bountiful messes. I look forward to being here for a while, to making sense of the mayhem, to writing about our adventures, and to making new treasures. I welcome walking, gardening, and autumn cleaning, and all of the head clearing that they bring! It feels a lot like our early days again!

The Barn
We are slowly making space and (too) quickly piling up possibilities inside and out. It all reminds me of one of those plastic number games – move this here, so that that can move there...

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Our palettes!
Charming old systems.
Lots of Scout Plein Air Boxes!
Classics remain!

Last Chance Bags! 

With our recent move from our Philadelphia Shop to our West Chester Barn, we have discontinued many of our classics. What remains is in stock and ready to ship.

Our bags are always the first to leap off of the shelves, so despite making a large inventory of Weekenders and Rogues before leaving our Philadelphia workshop, the numbers are dwindling!

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The Rogue Backpack
The Weekender


What’s Left in Our Home Collection! 

We started Peg and Awl with so many of these home goods meant to amplify the small spaces in our Philadelphia row home. When we moved to the Five Acre Wood, we brought everything with us, as they are timeless and work in a variety of spaces. Click through to see what remains and pick up something you've been contemplating – once something is sold out, we will not make more!

Many, but not all, of the the wood products are on sale.

Shop Last Chance!

Mess Hall Knife Rack
Baguette Board
Cutting and Serving Boards
Apothecary Caddy

We have some Mystery Boxes left!

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The Essentials Kitchen
Silas sorting treasures for Mystery Boxes!



We launched our new ring!

Solvitur Ambulando: “It is solved by walking.”

We thank you for the warm reception and delightful emails – we've already started to make a second batch of rings!

Our Solvitur Ambulando ring is inspired by the endlessness of walking’s cures. I am ever in awe of how walking helps bring forth thoughts thought to cure idea-lessness, and conversely, how it distills abundance into a place to begin. How it settles listlessness, dulls irritation, and softens anger, and how it extracts tears when needed – walking always knows. Most of all, I am delighted daily at walking’s ability to illuminate the magic in everyday things!

Also, Gold is back! Now that we are settling into the new workshop at the barn, we are making gold jewelry again! All gold jewelry is made to order, which may take up to 4 weeks before shipping.

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Solvitur Ambulando waxes.
This cozy basement jewelry studio is a dream. Walter is wearing our Franklin Maker’s Apron.

Everywhere, Astonishments!

Since moving to the 5 Acre Wood, I’ve been going to local plant swaps*. I’ve learned so much and have traded a variety of plants. These Black and Brown Eyed Susans, which have now replaced thousands of Day Lilies, came from an incredibly rainy swap weekend in early Spring. *I’ve had to partake in Facebook for this – a worthwhile sacrifice.


As always, if you have any questions, just comment below! 


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